Hell; a real place to spend forever

Hell is a place of eternal separation from God; you don’t want to go there!

Introductionin a recent Gallop poll, 53% of Americans believe in hell. (47% of Americans don’t believe in hell). This percent goes down dramatically when the people are highly educated or wealthy.   In Sweden, only 17% believe in hell; France-22%, Netherlands- 28%, Great Britain-23%.

Satan’s deceptionRay Comfort, in The Way of the Master training ministry, says one of the main deceptions of Satan is that Continue reading

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Eat, Drink, and be Merry


“Eat, drink, and be merry” is a famous adage that we have grown up with from the 1960’s to now.    It’s about living in your comfort zone and feeding those comforts with endless wants. People will do anything they can to “be merry”.   It’s about clinging to things on this earth to get meaning in life.  Continue reading

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Well-Fed Christians Living in an Age of Hunger

Ronald J.  Sider says this in his book “Rich Christians Living in an Age of Hunger”: Hunger and starvation stalk the land. Famine is alive and well on planet earth. Millions of people die of starvation each year. Even the most conservative statistics reflect a horrifying situation. One billion people have stunted bodies or damaged brains because of inadequate food. Can over fed, comfortably clothed and luxuriously housed persons understand poverty? Can we really feel what it means for poverty-stricken parents to watch with helpless grief as their baby daughter dies of a common childhood disease because, like half of our global neighbors even today, they lack access to modern medicine? Probably not. Continue reading

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Pigs get fat; Hogs get slaughtered

The title of this blog is a saying my brother Jim often uses. It’s about greed, and how greed can overtake us. But this particular blog is about gluttony, when our eating habits get greedily voracious and out of control. There are ample warnings for us in the Bible about our attitudes toward eating. Let’s face it; gluttony in the good ole USA IS an “in your face” issue. Personal or cultural. Live to eat or eat to live. It’s a choice.

And gluttony is something we don’t hear about as Christians. It isn’t something preachers preach about, that is for sure. Nobody wants to hear about it. It’s SO close to us. But God certainly has something to say about the topic, and it’s all negative, as you would imagine. When we will turn from our gluttonous ways? Continue reading

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Greed gives us the wrong perspective

Don’t think you are immune to greed; which is the intoxicating desire to want more than you have. We live in a culture that breeds it, like a mold on a petri dish.

Greed is one of the most universal sins there is. It has nothing to do with the existence of money. It’s about our attitudes.

It breeds a mountain of other sins in our personal lives, cities, and nations.

It affects all ages, and all income brackets. Continue reading

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Don’t Like Your Bed Too Much

So far, we have discussed pride, envy, and anger. Today, idleness is the topic. God disdains the sin of laziness in his people. Laziness is simply not congruent with the Christian life and a bad witness to those around us. Diligence should accompany our salvation, not laziness!  We are warned about laziness both in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Solomon writes about it in 21 of his Proverbs and emphasizes it in Ecclesiastes 10:18 (“If you are lazy, the rafters sag; if you hands are idle, the house leaks.”)

Here is a good example of Solomon’s wisdom in Proverbs 26:14. “As a door turns on its hinges, so a sluggard (lazy person) turns on his bed.” Continue reading

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That Ticks Me Off that ……………

So goes the next sin we need to address. This is a biggy. The last two were pride and envy, and then we differentiated jealousy from envy. Bad sins, but this next one gets to the core in many of us. It’s when anger grabs a hold of us and won’t let go….. Continue reading

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