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Why We don’t spread the Word

Many of us are unsure about sharing the faith that we possess with others. Wouldn’t you agree? Even though there is a desire to do so, many don’t because of intimidation, lack of knowledge, and an uncertainty of what kind … Continue reading

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Sharing Christ: Let’s Get Started

Molly, the horse, was a survivor from Hurricane Katrina. She was malled by a pit bull terrier in the aftermath of the storm and lost one of her legs through amputation. Rather than being put down, she was fortunate enough … Continue reading

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The Controversial “Speaking in Tongues” Gift

  One of Paul’s spiritual gifts was preaching the Gospel.  It was his calling.  Paul was driven by the desire to do what God wanted, using his gifts for God’s glory. (1 Corinthians 9:15-18)  What spiritual gifts has God given … Continue reading

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