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I am married to Janet and we have four children. I am active in Grace church in Racine, Wisconsin and serve there in leadership and teaching . I have been an internist for 30 years and keep busy by taking care of a full load of patients. On the side, I like to write, coach, mentor, spend time with my family just hangin' out, and help take care of our three dogs; a Golden and two Berneses'.

Satan is a Prime Enemy

Every minute of the day, the Christian has three adversaries to deal with: Our hearts. Jeremiah 17:9 says “the heart is desperately wicked, who can understand it but God”. Aren’t you shocked sometimes at what your heart thinks? Pretty scary. … Continue reading

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Eight Facts about Evil in the World: Part 4

In Part #3 of the last blog on EVIL, we discussed the Spiritual Battle against Evil. Today’s Blog is packed with some KEY specific Bible verses regarding this Huge Topic of Evil. Please take your time in reading and studying  them! 1.God can … Continue reading

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Evil Part 3; We live in a Spiritual Battleground

Why is there evil in the world?  Read Genesis 3– Evil has been around a long time- since the beginning of mankind; four actions in the drama of this historical event. The choice humans made- v. 1-6, The cover-up- v. … Continue reading

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Evil in the World Part 2: We are bent towards evil

  As people, we are bent toward evil– We are magnetized towards it, and it’s been like that in the beginning.  Genesis 6:5 Before the total world flood, the direction and trend of men’s lives were only towards evil, and there was … Continue reading

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The problem of evil in our world- Part 1

Let’s define EVIL: Big picture– something not morally good; wicked. Arising out of bad character or behavior, individually or corporately. It usually originates in the heart. As  Christians, we must try and grasp its hold on us and our culture/society. This blog … Continue reading

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Angels: Real Spiritual Beings Part 2

Last week, in response to the blog on angels, I got this email from a reader (I am paraphrasing to protect her privacy): “My son was recently diagnosed with cancer.  The entire situation understandably has produced stress. I read your blog … Continue reading

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Angels: Real Spiritual beings

Christians don’t talk much about angels, though angels and what they do are well defined in the Bible. As you will see, the Bible stresses their absolute reality, and their ministry among us humans.  The fact that we don’t talk about … Continue reading

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