If no Resurrection; No Christianity Part 2

Don’t miss the main message after the resurrection of Jesus– Matthew 28:5-7 The angel of the Lord gave four messages to the women after Jesus was resurrected (Mary Magdalene and the “other” Mary): 1) Do not be afraid! 2) He is not here 3) Come and see. Check it out. 4) Go quickly and tell.  This is the same message to us today:

No matter what, we need not fear. Believe in the resurrection. Check out the claims of Jesus. Tell others about Jesus.

It’s that simple. Continue reading

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If there is no Resurrection, there is no Christianity

The Tomb is empty!

Perhaps you have had a loved one pass away recently. Maybe a tragic accident, heart attack, stroke, cancer or other incurable disease.  If they were believers, then you have a hope of their resurrection, and that right now, as of this second, they are basking in the light of heaven!

Today’s  blog will be especially meaningful for you. Because you see, if there is no resurrection, there is no Christianity. No Christian faith. Period. Continue reading

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Our final dwelling place: Heaven Part 2

Heaven is like a cityHebrews 11:16 Men and women of Christian faith live for heaven.  God has made a heavenly city for them.  Hebrews 12:22-24  Heaven is the city of God (called the heavenly Jerusalem). 1000’s upon 1000’s of angels are there in joyful assembly.  Believer’s names are written in heaven; their spirits will be perfect, and Jesus is there, the mediator of the New covenant.  Continue reading

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Heaven; the believer’s eternal destiny. Part 1

Introduction A recent Gallop poll found that 66% of Americans believe in heaven. However, only 26% Baptists, 20% Lutherans, 16% Methodists, and 41% Catholics thought their chances of going to heaven were good. Do they understand the principles of salvation? Review Ephesians 2:8-9. It is not by good works that you will obtain salvation, but by God’s grace. It appears that many Americans believe that they will get to heaven on their own merits. Continue reading

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Is Your Name Written in the “Book”?

Is your name written in this book?

No, this blog isn’t about the 66 books (39 OT and 27 NT) in the Bible. It is about something far more important……..

The key question that you can ask yourself is this: “Is my name written in the Book of Life?”  Whether it is or not will depend whether your eternity is in heaven or not.

Let’s explain:

 There are two main Books discussed in the Bible: 1) There are Books of man’s works (Revelation 20:12), and the Lamb’s Book of Life. You must know the difference. Continue reading

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Cremation: Is it Biblical? Part 2


Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt to a crisp by God; virtually cremating everyone there

In the last blog “Cremation: Is it Biblical Part 1,” we took our first look at cremation, and discussed why our society is doing it more and more.

I ask this simple question: is cremation Biblical, or is it just a manifestation of our present day “Christian culture?” To repeat, I am not trying to send fellow believers on a “guilt trip” about having cremated their loved ones. But I think a sober look is reasonable at the whole issue.

In Part 2, we will look at other Biblical examples of cremation, both Old and New Testament:

In a negative sense, people were “burnt up” with supernatural fire, but because of God’s utter displeasure with their sin. For example,  the fire of the Lord burnt and consumed the complainers in Numbers 11:1-3. Cremation is performed as the consequence of sin.

God burnt the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to a crisp by raining down burning sulfur leaving nothing but a dense smoke rising from the land (Genesis 19:24,28). Pretty grim view of God’s judgment and how it was not meant to be. Cremation is the consequence of sin.

Continue reading

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Cremation; is it Biblical? Part 1

cremation-urn-8344a-hands-6001Sometimes I sense that we believers like to shy away from “difficult to talk about” subject matter.

The cremation of our bodies at death is a sensitive subject and that’s why I want to discuss it in more detail.

My guess is that all of you reading this blog have thought about this topic sometime or another. My guess is that a loved one in your family has been cremated.

My guess is that many of you pass this subject off as, “It doesn’t matter what happens to our bodies after we die. It’s not worth discussing.”  In fact, you may not read this blog. This blog isn’t about passing judgment, or making people feel guilty.

“After all, all of us die and most don’t have a say in how they die. Some die unrecognizable in a fire, some are lost at sea, some are eaten by a shark (pleasant thought), some are obliterated in a rocket explosion, or a jet airliner crash.” Continue reading

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