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They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love

Unfortunately, the word “love” has gotten so beaten up that is has been cheapened in today’s society.  Jerry Tapp, in his book, “God’s Daily Classroom”, says we trivialize the powerful word “love”. He goes on to say that the use … Continue reading

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Firm Hope in Jesus and Nothing Else

How often does the world get you down? I bet on a daily basis.  Does the fact that there are literally dozens of wars going on at any one time on our earth get you hopeless for future peace? How would you like live … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit gives power to the believer

Learn about the reality of the Holy Spirit from key Bible passages: Present  from the beginning of creation–  The Holy Spirit was present from the beginning “brooding over the dark vapors” before heaven and earth were created. Genesis 1:1 

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